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Trifacta, used in the “Data Wrangling” platform of the same name, is able to provide immediate information and machine learning solutions directly on the raw data coming from every source. Trifacta helps to explore, transform and unite data of different origin, in any number, including heterogenous and unstructured data.
Trifacta is a market leader in the field of Big Data analysis due to the following:

Data Preparation
Data Wrangling
Data Cleansing
Data Lineage

Thanks to Trifacta, ITReview is at present the partner offering incomparable and strategic analysis possibilities for managers who need to quickly get information by direct analysis of collected and unstructured business data in order to meet such objectives as loyalty to Customers, conquering new markets and new transactions.
ITReview Research & Development unit constantly creates non-standard personalised models and original algorithms for Chief Data Officer, that is the person responsible for data quality, and in order to respond to business questions in a few days, or if possible, even in a few hours.
This is why ITReview has chosen Trifacta, which allows the Client to understand Data Lake, which in turn leads to achieving the objectives so far being impossible to be reached.
The term Data Lake was coined in 2010 on James Dixon’s blog and this is a mode, which goes beyond the traditional Data Warehouse.
Data Lake means the “lake” of data available for a company, coming from different sources, including loT, in the raw state. Therefore, we no longer have dozens of data sets managed independently one from another, abut a single “basin” from which raw data are taken and then analysed in different ways.
Only Data Lake can now give 3600 view of Clients in order to do market segmentation, predict phenomena and anticipate behaviours.
In order to improve the efficiency of the process of analysis and also in case of adding new sources of data, the solutions regarding understanding Trifecta data allow to obtain complete information in a short period of time through the process, which in case of Big Data, would have been long and expensive. Obviously, companies avoid projects which take years, cost a fortune and involve the risk of missing business opportunities.

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