Data Analytics

Data Analytics

From data to information, from information to knowledge

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence delineate the techniques that aim to collect, analize, and present strategic information in support of the decision making process.

ITReview has developed specialised know-how and, for over 10 years, has worked alongside its client analyzing and developing new solutions to get value from data.

Analisi Vendite

Sales Analysis

  • KPIs of revenue, ordered goods, portfolio, marginality, …
  • Analysis of sales network per area, customers, items, …
  • Ranking and customer retention, …
  • Customer data sheets, orders, credit limits, solvency, …
Analisi Supply Chain

Supply Chain Analysis

  • Purchase Analysis
  • Production, Performance, and Quality Analysis
  • Warehouse Analysis
  • Sell-in, sell-out, and restocking analysis
Analisi Marketing – Web Marketing

Marketing – Web Marketing Analysis

  • Sales Channel and Customer ROI Analysis
  • Product Positioning Analysis
  • Customer Retention Rate, Acquisition Rate, and Churn Rate
  • Web Marketing Analysis: KPIs of Traffic, Mulltichannel, and Social Media Advertising, ROI, …
Analisi Finanziaria

Financial Analysis

  • Operating and Non-operating Cash Flow
  • Loans and Debt Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Average Payment Period Analysis
Analisi Servizio Clienti

Customer Care Analysis

  • Ticket Analysis: Response Time, SLA
  • Service Level Analysis and Stock Turnover
  • Technical Intervention and Cost Analysis
  • Warranty Monitoring
Analisi Risorse Umane

Human Resource Analysis

  • Workforce Analysis: staff, attendance record, wage, and pay differentials
  • Formation Planning: Skill Analysis
  • Contract Composition Analysis, Wage Analysis
  • Productivity Planning: efficiency, absenteeism
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