Qlik for your BI

What is Qlik

QlikView i Qlik Sense are Business Discovery platforms providing Business Intellingence (BI) associative and self-service functions dedicated to all corporate users. The core of this technology is Qlik - a patented data indexing engine.
Qlik speeds up more complex projects because it does not require data warehouse to be created, and data indexing gives results in a shorter period of time. For example: two and a half billion lines may be indexed in just one minute, whereas while using other traditional BI solutions it takes several hours. Implementing a project with the use of Qlik may save time even one thousand times.
Qlik Sense, in particular, gives the user the possibility to see the data in the visualisation, which is personalised according to the field of business and its needs. Qlik Sense reacts to the device and provides BI self-service.

Only for Qlik's users:

These tools can probe all possible connections existing between data, considering all the sources without any limitations as to pre-defined hierarchy.

They can freely explore complex information, ask any questions in every direction through simple research and selections to obtain immediate response

They can explore information in order to narrow the context by simple interactions, such as searching or selecting any graphics or visualisations, in any direction, and then compare the obtained results in any moment of the analysis

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