Qlik for your BI

How It Works

Most BI (Business Intelligence) products make it possible to answer the questions regarding the creation of a project. However, managing follow-up questions, that is the questions, which may appear after the report is read by the user, or after analysing the visualisation, is possible only thanks to Qlik, which allows associative experience of data. Therefore, thanks to Qlik, you can answer one question after another completing the paths of the investigations carried out to finally finish the research according to your own goals and strategies. Thanks to Qlik you can freely explore the data with just a few clicks, learn at every stage of the process and identify the next steps on the basis of what you have revealed before.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense immediately displays information. No statistical and predefined report, independence from other users. Qlik Sense responds immediately to every click, updates every visualisation and shows in an app the newly computed data sets and specific visualisations according to selected options.

Esperienza associativa

Qlik Sense automatically manages all data associations and presents the information by a metaphorical vision in green/white/grey colours. The selections are marked with green, associate data are marked with white and excluded data (not associated) are marked with grey. This immediate feedback allows to formulate new questions, while continuing the exploration and acquiring knowledge.


Moreover, Qlik Sense allows the cooperation with other colleagues, regardless of the time and place.

MobilitĂ : il modello App

All Qlik Sense functions, including associative experience and cooperation, are available on mobile devices. Instead of distributing and managing business applications, it is possible to create your own Qlik Sense applications with the possibility to use them again, modify and share with other users. The App model allows to ask questions and get responses independently, without the need to resort to an expert.

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