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Trifacta is the Data Wrangling platform, market leader in the field of Big Data Analysis, providing immediate information and machine learning solutions directly on the raw data coming from every source. Trifacta helps to explore, transform and unite data of different origin, in any number, including heterogenous and unstructured data. Trifacta uses the predictive interaction. Thanks to this mechanism the user does not have to specify data transformation precisely before data analysis: he makes his choices and devises his own analyses using Trifacta prediction methods, Trifacta from the very beginning classifies, in the order from the highest to the lowest possibility, the transformation and manipulation of data needed by the user, together with the collected data.Besides this, ITReview Research & Development unit constantly creates non-standard personalised models and original algorithms for Chief Data Officer, and in order to respond to business questions in a few days, or if possible, even in a few hours.

Therefore, Trifacta allows:

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Visual exploration, transformation, cleansing and unifying different sources of raw data giving intelligent recommendations


Using advanced self-service data reparation for teams and departments and using a common platform for data preparation by means of machine learning of the platform owner, or eventually joining with other advanced analytical platforms; Talifacta platform automatises contrast operations, including different sources

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Distributing a platform to order and understand business data for big and complex projects