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Qlik for the Business Discovery

Qlik is a data indexing engine of Business Discovery which provides Business Intellingence associative and self-service functions dedicated to all corporate users. It does not require data warehouse to be created and speeds up more complex projects saving 70% in time, compared to other traditional BI solutions. Most BI products make it possible to answer the questions regarding the creation of a project, however, managing follow-up questions is possible only thanks to Qlik, which allows associative experience of data. Therefore, thanks to Qlik you can freely explore the data with just a few clicks, learn at every stage of the process and identify the next steps on the basis of what you have revealed before.

Qlik Sense, Qlik’s Business Discovery platform, gives the user the possibility to see the data in a personalised, responsive visualisation providing BI self-service. Only for Qlik’s users:

Qlik 2


These tools can probe all possible connections existing between data, considering all the sources without any limitations as to pre-defined hierarchy

Qlik 3


They can freely explore complex information, ask any questions in every direction through simple research and selections to obtain immediate response

Qlik 4


They can explore information in order to narrow the context by simple interactions, such as searching or selecting any graphics or visualizations, in any direction, and then compare the obtained results in any moment of the analysis