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Data Visualization

In the image era, where the form becomes substance, it’s fundamental to give an intuitive information support. Main goal of Data Visualization is to communicate information as clearly as possible in order to allow all the staff who need information to obtain immediate value from company data. So, after personalized usability tests, ITReview provides end users with strategic information presented in the most immediate way.

Qlik provides results that are easy to interpret

Responsive to any operating system and any device, Qlik is a platform designed for getting a customized app according to your needs. So easy to use that encourage a self-service data visualization approach.

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Data Visualization 3
Basic Data Visualization

From Excel charts to Qlik Sense

Data are managed by dynamic graphics and metaphorical visions in associated colours: no statistical or predefined report, but an indipendent and responsive visualization. Qlik Sense responds immediately to the questions, manages all data associations showing them in a convenient experience according to the selected options, delivers a fluid experience across all devices and every data cloud. Thanks to its in-memory associative engine and its compression technique, Qlik keeps an intuitive, all-inclusive navigation with the best performance.


Get the best from Data Visualization

After personalized usability tests, we provide you with the most intuitive responsive app which combines data, open techologies and, through API Qlik, connects different softwares such as ERP, CRM, Slack, Bot, and every embeddable object to create personalized web applications, based on client’s needs. Thanks to user-friendly interface and groundbreaking algorithms, ITReview’s mashups are the most innovative data experience.

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