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ITReview – a System Integrator with over 15 years of experience on the Business Intelligence market.

We take up national and international projects in various sectors. We focus on personalised models and original algorithms. As Qlik consultants, we participate in all national and international Qonnections conferences, often together with our Clients, to share new projects and methodologies with them and our colleagues. Research is fundamental for us. Similarly, good preparation and competence. During Qonnections 2017 in Orlando we were awarded as pioneers in strategic company data visualisation models, dynamic mash up solutions. We also have been awarded in three national events for innovation. What distinguishes us is Data Visualisation and Process Mining. We work with a team of Data Science specialists and Business Analysts in order to keep developing and to offer managers unrivalled and strategic possibilities of analysis. The market confirms that our methodology allows to obtain maximum from the company data.

At present we also have at our disposal a unique instrument for offering immediate information and solutions of machine learning directly on the raw data of business Data Lake: Trifacta. It is an exclusive Data Wrangling platform, in other words, it is a software for Big Data organisation and management, that gives the possibility to obtain information from heterogenous and unstructured data, which so far only few world players have had the honour to use for their Clients‘ benefit. Trifacta is the best solution for those who aspire to build trust and fidelity of the market, conquer new positions, create new businesses and elaborate new strategies.

ITReview is a step into the future — always with integrity and transparency.


We are able to achieve “good” results only through “good” data. Therefore we treat the stage of analysis with maximum care and we integrate Quality Data as the starting point.


Thanks to our experience we simplify what seems to be very complicated. Governance, Maintenance, Metadata, Agile Programming, etc., are the synthesis of our approach.


we are agile and ready to move anywhere. We work onsite in order to respect the operation of your company. One team. Thanks to this philosophy we were awarded in 2014 in Orlando for Customer Delivery during an international Business Intelligence project, where we worked on three continents.

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ITReview offers the best business intelligence, data visualization and process mining solutions. If you want to know how to implement these solutions within your organization, contact us.

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