Business Intelligence

For the Waste Prevention

Reduce the costs of rejects, avoid lost revenues thanks to ITReview methodology and non standard programming, which allow to analyse the symptoms (rejects in terms of costs and waste), make a diagnosis and define the „treatment” (by affecting process variables).

Food Industry has always dealt with waste disposal management, which is inevitably connected with significant costs. At the same time, “rejects” management and optimisation of relevant processes is becoming a sensitive issue in the social sphere. This is confirmed by the implementation of the provisions enhancing companies to give products, which are still fit for human consumption but already not qualified for sale, to charity organisations.
The problem to be solved is that the future waste is the “rejects” from operational processes, but it becomes measurable only at the very end, when the waste is materialised.

So, the solution is to have a system for predicting the production of waste before waste becomes waste.
Business Intelligence gives assistance in this field, since it allows to obtain information regarding creation of rejects before the products considered to be rejects become waste. Without BI, analyses may be carried out only when the products considered to be rejects become waste and therefore cost for the company (and missing receipts) is already created. That’s why waste management with the use of Business Intelligence in big organisations, such as GDO, is a very important asset.


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