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Discover the appropriate target, cluster different markets, clients and products, optimise sales by understanding the most concealed phenomena thanks to BI solutions from ITReview.

Sales monitoring is a complex strategic activity, especially in the case when non homogenous elements, such as different areas, agents, articles, Clients, etc. are involved, including all related subsystems depending on the turnover, lead time marginality and levels of services, etc. Effective every day decision-making considering all the necessary elements becomes more and more arduous. BI is an ideal instrument to make quick and effective decisions. Thanks to logical algorithms which aggregate data and extract meaning from them a manager, by quick and easy actions, immediately understands the sales situation and takes decisions based on reality and not on his personal opinions.


Alcuni esempi
Una breve selezione di alcuni casi di studio

Riduzione tempi per il report nella GDO – Analisi e segmentazione vendite, geomarketing


Multinazionale di prodotti industriali, analisi canali vendita e campagne marketing


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