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Business Intelligence is not an IT department, but it operates between the strategic area (analysis), service area (e.g., HR) and IT area. Data Scientists, architects, BI programmers are the figurers who complement this new area, which has become fundamental for corporate strategies. Now it is possible to liberate the resources by BI ITreview outsourcing. Advantages: continuation of business, precise and constant control of data and server functionality, quick problem solving, and many other. Most of our Partners/Clients already entrust BI department management (wholly or partially) to ITReview team.
ITReview managers, with over twenty years of experience in BI, guarantee the continuity and efficiency, offering the companies the opportunity to be relieved from the burden of strategic and non-strategic activities: starting from the maintenance and development of Board tools, to the quality control of input data and updating servers dedicated to BI technology and the entire architecture, as well as many other functional tasks for Business Intelligence.

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ITReview offers the best business intelligence, data visualization and process mining solutions. If you want to know how to implement these solutions within your organization, contact us.

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