Business Intelligence

For the Fraud Prevention

Identify fraudulent practices and predict frauds thanks to BI solutions from ITReview and original machine learning algorithms devised by our Research Study

Frauds may be of various nature, in different sectors, in totally different companies. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: statistically, fraudulent practices derive from confidence intervals, that is from the situations where certain market behaviours are legitimate and it is statistically presumed that most people act honestly. Therefore, a fraud is an illegal act beyond the statistics and to detect it very often it is not enough to identify a single extraordinary event, but it is necessary to use BI. The algorithms which are the basis of BI transform the activities of different nature (financial, commercial, physical, etc.) into the algorithms highlighting those beyond the average of the confidence interval. Then, identifying them is simple: the events are scaled in details thanks to Data Visualisation and Qlik technology.


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