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 Get to know your Clients, increase the level of your services, work on loyalty and build durable relationships thanks to BI solutions of ITReview..

In today business scenarios it is not easy to understand the target Clients by studying their behaviours, understanding the level of mutual relationships and the place where to invest in order to improve client relationships. There are numerous traces (data) left by business Clients in a certain period of time, which include extremely important and difficult to find strategic information. It is possible to aggregate these traces (data) using the logic of Know How Data Scientist and by understanding the business by a manager. This, in turn, will allow the user, managers or strategists of the company to make a safe decision as to what activities should be taken in order to attract and keep Clients, saving a lot of time on analysis, gaining a detailed knowledge about Clients, and confirming the adequacy of the selected strategy.


Alcuni esempi
Una breve selezione di alcuni casi di studio

Azienda utility di energia elettrica, gestione e clusterizzazione dati consumo e clienti


Azienda multinazionale, statistiche su customer service – after sale – analisi costi


Istituto Bancario – analisi Customer Satisfaction


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