Data Visualization

In the image era and of the narration of a story through the image, where the form becomes substance, we intervene to give an agile, usable, seductive and most of all, immediate informative support to a decision-maker. In other words: visual communication through narration of a story (storytelling).
Data visualisation is a school of communication which helps especially data sciences, to give information via graphics.
Representation of such data allows all the staff who need information to obtain immediate value from both: internal and external company data.
Shortly speaking, this allows to identify the phenomena and trends, which are difficult to read at the first data analysis. This extraordinary tool helps to understand various phenomena, suggest points of views, and see different business dynamics and situations thanks to the intersection of the variables and data.
There are numerous business sectors and units where data visualisation may bring significant business advantage: from finances to consumer goods, from services to manufacture, from marketing to scientific research, from public services to telecommunication, finishing at transport and logistics / geolocalisation, through utility.
The users perceive data visualisation as useful in the optimisation of the decision-making process. Apart from cooperation and information exchange, greater self-service of end users, time effectiveness, less pressure on IT, data visualisation allows to understand the dynamics of the market better than ever before.

Data visualisation allows to forecast market trends and to get guidelines useful for the development of your business. It becomes critical in sales & marketing. The possibility to trace and better understand business flows in your channels of cooperation with clients leads to gradual increase of sales efficiency and so on.

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